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Sample Kentucky Private Investigator License

Kentucky Private Investigator License

Before you rush into the career of a private detective in this state, make sure you know that there is plenty of work to do. You need not only investigative skills but also computer skills and basic knowledge of the legal system. All investigators should be able to do strong research.

In fact, you do not need an experience in this sphere since Kentucky does not require one. Even in this case, the quality of researchers is not less here than in other states.

The KY Board of Licensure for Private Investigators manages the issuance of private detectors throughout the state. Those who wish to apply must follow the main terms of licensure. Another thing is to pass the necessary exam.

Qualifications and Requirements

First things first, you should take the career of a PI to meet the statewide requirements. According to them, applicants must:

  • Be at least 21 years old with U.S. citizenship
  • Have a good moral character
  • Be of sound mental capacity
  • Not have any felony conviction for crimes (within the past five years)

The latter involves corruption or upright depravity. In case you have any felony convictions, you have to wait for ten years. This counts starting from the completion of your sentence. Also, you should not have any misdemeanor during the past three years for crimes.

School Requirements

As a matter of fact, the school requirements of KY law only include the completion of high school or its equivalent. It is preferable to have a degree or academic certification in the same field. Sometimes that shows that you are serious about your profession, and even ahead of future career advancements.

In addition, certificates and degrees in the below-mentioned fields are available online and statewide:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Business
  • Law Enforcement
  • Forensics
  • Psychology

Here you may even be required to take an approved PI licensing test. Anyways, these tests basically focus on what laws you ought to concentrate on. Although this is important, the main point is to learn how to perform investigations. The necessary courses and tests do not contain what you do the most. In addition, if you are also interested in learning about the requirements of a Delaware private investigator license, you may check the article.

Application Process

Any individual is able to apply for a PI certification if he meets the above-mentioned requirements.

Firstly, when you present your blank for licensure, you may start with an individual license. All the applicants operating in Kentucky have to at least be licensed individually. Accordingly, your Individual Request for Licensure must include:

  • a fee of $100 (for application), $300 (for certification), and $20 (for licensing request)
  • Proof of association from the agency you are employed (if any)
  • United single-limit liability insurance covering $250,000. People who are solely employed by an attorney do not need that.
  • A criminal history background check (three fingerprint cards together with it)
  • An example of a signed discharge for both medical and psychological records

Additionally, besides being certified individually, you will probably need to complete another blank form. This one is for the company application if you plan to form any of the following:

  • Sole proprietorship (chargeable fee is $100)
  • Partnership or corporation (chargeable fee is $500)

Please note that the average time to assess an application for certification is approximately two and three months.


First of all, you need to take the PI exam since it is the main part of the individual licensing process. Whenever the Board approves your application, you will receive a study guide and scheduling information.

To begin with, you can prepare for that exam. Basically, you need to study the KY Revised Statutes and Administrative Regulations. These are the necessary parts of the examination.

As for the material of the exam, it mainly includes the following:

  • Laws regarding assault, seizure, search, computer access
  • Official constitutional principles
  • Relevant court resolutions with a relevant liability

For more information, apply to…

Public Protection Cabinet
500 Mero Street
Frankfort, KY 40601

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