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Sample Kentucky Nursing License

Kentucky Nursing License

If you want to become a nurse and you want your name to appear in the Kentucky nursing license lookup search lists, you should apply to the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Kentucky Board of Nursing license lookup will help you to apply for your own license or check someone’s license validity or existence. Learn how to apply for your Kentucky nursing license. And, how to use the KY nursing license lookup tool.

How do I get a Kentucky nursing license?

To get a nursing license in Kentucky you should apply to the Kentucky Board of nursing. Use the KY board of nursing license lookup tool to find the official website or go through this link.

  • Firstly, choose whether you want to be a licensed practical nurse (LPN), a registered nurse (RN), or an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN).
  • Secondly, meet the requirements for each type of nursing license. For LPN and RN licenses you don’t need to obtain a university degree.

You can:

  1. Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). This will take 2-3 years.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN). It will take 4 years. But, with this degree, you may become an APRN.
  3. Entry Level Master’s Program in Nursing. This will take 1-2 years. But, to apply for this you should already have a bachelor’s degree. It may be in nursing or another program.

APRN requirements

To obtain an APRN license in Kentucky you should obtain firstly a bachelor’s, then a master’s degree.

After that become a certified nurse. For example, you can become a certified NP, CNM, CRNA, or CNS.

The Kentucky Board of Nursing recognizes certification from the American Midwifery Certification Board, the National Board on Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists, American Nurses Credentialing Center, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board, and the National Certification Corporation for the Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing Specialties.

Steps to obtain a nursing license

  1. Choose the type of nursing license you want to obtain,
  2. Complete the education requirements,
  3. Pass the national licensing exam, and
  4. Pass a criminal background check.

How do I renew my nursing license in Ky?

You will need to renew your nursing license every year. Before the expiration day, you will get an email to fill the renewal application online. But, you should also meet the CE requirements. Board requires you to complete 14 contact hours each year, five of which must be completed in pharmacology, even if you don’t have prescriptive authority.

How long does it take to get a Kentucky nursing license?

After submitting all the required documents with the application form you will wait up to 2 weeks for your license. If there are no missing documents it will take 14 days for the Board to review your application.

But before it, you should complete the education requirements and pass the exam.

How do I check nursing credentials in Kentucky?

If you know the name or license number of the nurse you can check the validity of the license and nursing credentials in the Kentucky Board of Nursing License Validation System.

Simply enter the first and the last name of the nurse and you will find the information you need.

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