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Sample Kentucky Insurance License

Kentucky Insurance License

If you want to become an insurance agent and get your insurance license in the state of Kentucky, you may have lots of questions. You may also need a credible source of information about the procedure. You can find the answers to your questions on the Kentucky Department of insurance license lookup.

Doing your own research can be a rather complicated, time-wasting, and sometimes long-lasting process. You may come across some unnecessary material. That is why we have already done the research for you. The instructions and directions below will supply you with useful information.

How do I get my insurance license in Kentucky?

To get a license to sell insurance, one must complete some important steps. The first one is the pre-licensing course. Pre-licensing course is to provide you with skills and knowledge that you will need in your career in the future. You are allowed to pick out the studying technique. For example, most people tend to choose online classes.
Pre-licensing course hours and material are determined by the license you want to get. It involves these requirements:

  • 20 Hours on Life
  • 20 Hours on Property
  • 20 Hours on Casualty
  • 20 Hours on Health
  • 20 Hours on Personal lines

Pre-licensing course must be completed to take the state licensing exam. After the final examination you will receive the Certificate of completion.

It is important to invite your attention to the Background check. The state of Kentucky requires passing a background check before applying for an insurance license. Please note, that your background may have an influence on your attempts of getting a license. The online background check fee is $25.

The next step is to register for the Kentucky insurance license exam. The fee for every attempt is $50.

Remember to bring your Certificate of completion with you on the examination day.

After passing the final exam, you can submit your application for the insurance license. You may find additional application information on the official website of the Kentucky Department of Insurance.

Once you are an insurance agent, it is preferable to complete required continuing education. The market is constantly changing. New methods are generating, others are slowly fading. To protect your clients and educate them on different cases, you will definitely need this.

How do I get a property and casualty license in Kentucky?

To become a property and casualty agent, you must complete all of the above-mentioned steps. During the pre-licensing course, when you decide on the insurance license type, choose the suitable education hours based on your choice.

Is it hard to pass the insurance license exam in Kentucky?

Every insurance license exam is hard considering you must have a good understanding of the material. In Kentucky, the exam consists of 50 questions. You will need to get a minimum of 70%.

The cost of an insurance license in Kentucky

To become an insurance agent, you must pay these fixed fees:

  • Online Application Fee: $40 per line
  • Examination Fee: $50
  • Background check fee: $25

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