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Kentucky is in high demand for engineers. You can get your license once you meet the requirements. Find out how to become a licensed engineer in Kentucky. Also, discover how to use a Kentucky PE license lookup to check the credentials before hiring an engineer.

Do engineers need licenses in Kentucky?

Do you need an engineer license to work in Kentucky? Yes! The Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (EAC/ABET) requires an engineering degree since July 1, 1983. You can double-check your degree at if you are unsure.

Once you complete the process, the board will review your application and grant your license. You can use a Kentucky professional engineer license lookup tool and search for your name. And if you have a valid license, it will appear when you use a tool to conduct a PE license lookup Kentucky.

How can I get an engineering license in Kentucky?

Kentucky State Requirements for an engineer license

Experienced engineers in Kentucky should earn 30 PDH every two years. Online continuing education courses can be used to complete all of the necessary hours.

The Board does not require providers or particular courses to be pre-approved. Every engineer is responsible for deciding whether his activity complies with the Board’s requirements.

Courses must be applicable to engineering practice, must include technical, ethical, or managerial topics, should be a structured program of learning, be taught by people with education, experience, or qualifications, and not include in-service training, orientation to particular institutional processes, or time spent advertising or selling a product.

Engineering License Process

Getting a Professional Engineer License

  • By Examination
    An individual who is not licensed in any state.
  • Becoming a Professional Engineer by Endorsement
    A person who has never been licensed in Kentucky and is licensed in another state
  • Licensing By Reinstatement
    You were a Kentucky licensee who chose Inactive or Retired status or let your license expire.

Exam results will be provided by NCEES. You can apply for the FE certificate after graduation if you passed the exam.

Please apply for licensure if you passed the PE exam and have the requisite engineering experience.

Since the Kentucky Board of Engineers & Land Surveyors do not license by discipline or issue separate licenses or recognitions, nothing else is required if you are already licensed as a KY PE and have passed another PE exam.

You can retake an exam if you have failed it fewer than three times by registering directly with NCEES. Please contact [email protected] if you have failed an exam three times or more.

Becoming a Professional Engineer by Examination


The Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (EAC/ABET) requires graduation from a four-year engineering program approved by the EAC/ABET.

They also recognize graduation from a Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board-accredited program (CEAB).

All other international degrees must be assessed by NCEES Credentials Assessment Services. Engineering technology degrees are not accepted.

You should register for the FE exam and log in to your MyNCEES account at

Apply for licensure by endorsement if you are already licensed in another state.

Also, you may apply for initial licensure after meeting the above-mentioned Education, FE, and PPE requirements, as well as four years of progressive engineering experience following graduation.

Kentucky requires an NCEES Record as part of the licensure application. NCEES Records contain information about how to access a document.

The completed record will be submitted to the Kentucky Board of Engineers & Land Surveyors for a charge of $100 from NCEES. They do not charge an application fee or any other fees until your license is due to be renewed in around two years. You will also have a Record that you can maintain throughout your career with no extra fees for updates and a $75 charge for each transmission to other states where you pursue licensure.

Become a Professional Engineer by Endorsement

If you have a license from another state, territory, or possession of the United States, the District of Columbia, or a foreign country, you are eligible for Kentucky licensure if the standards and qualifications that support your license meet or exceed Kentucky’s requirements in force at the time of issuance.

Obtain a Professional Engineer License by Reinstatement

Individuals with a Kentucky license that has been expired for more than one year, or a licensee who has chosen “inactive” or “retired” status and now wishes to practice engineering, must apply for reinstatement.

Each reporting period since the license expired or was placed in inactive or retired status, the applicant must complete thirty (30) hours of professional development, up to a maximum of sixty (60) hours.

Also, attach your application copies to your attendance certificates.

License Renewal

Individuals with last names A – K must renew their license every odd year by June 30, and individuals with last names L – Z must renew their license every even year by June 30. The price for either a Land Surveying or Engineering license is $150. And the premium for a retired or inactive license is $20.

And if you renew your license after June 30, the renewal fee will increase by 10% for each month or fraction of a month that the renewal is delayed. You can pay with your MasterCard, Visa, or American Express credit card or by ACH debit (electronic check).

Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors Permit Renewal System

Every year on December 31, all permits to practice engineering and/or land surveying expire. The fee for either the Engineering Permit or the Surveying Permit is $100 and is due no later than December 31 of each year. A permit for both engineering and land surveying costs $150.

If you renew your permit after December 31, the renewal fee will rise by 10% for each month or fraction of a month that the renewal is delayed. You can pay with a checking account or a credit card from MasterCard, Visa, or American Express.

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